Y4YL-ClareClare Freeman RYT-500, J.D. Clare's study of meditation and mindfulness began in the mid-90s with her undergraduate inquiries into Eastern philosophy and religion as a Chinese Studies minor at the University of California at San Diego.

While waging a campaign to make the 2000 Sydney Olympic team in archery, she incorporated mindfulness into sports psychology, a pairing she deepened while coaching sailing professionally after graduating from the University of Hawai`i at Hilo.

As a criminal defense attorney, she found mindfulness indispensable.  In criminal defense, attorneys face the darkest shadows of humanity's fallibility.  Mindfulness can shed a little light for practitioners.  Yet its benefits are not limited to the criminal-defense field.  Through mindfulness, attorneys in all fields of practice can combat the anxiety, stress, compassion fatigue, and other challenges of our unique and rewarding, yet inherently adversarial, profession.

Attorneys are not the only ones who can benefit from these practices.  Mindfulness is an excellent way to increase focus, efficiency, and career satisfaction for all professionals.  It is a way to meet the demands and challenges of parenting, living with chronic pain, studying, and just facing life each day.  Clare has behind her thousands of hours of mindfulness study and practice, Yoga training and teaching, and meditation study and practice, and is in private practice in Galveston, Texas.  A former Yoga studio owner, she has brought the practice of mindfulness to a wide spectrum of practitioners and has seen these practices transform lives---professional and personal. Read more at her website: sourceformindfulness.com