Yoga is a gift we give ourselves, and has its own special magic. Once learned, Yoga can be practiced wherever you are for the rest of your life. Yoga truly is For Your Life, and in this program you will learn how to guide students of all ages and abilities.

"The faculty members were the cream of the crop. Every single one of them have passion and knowledge of their craft. Sacred Waters is an amazing place, and the sweetest place to learn Yoga. The program exceeded my expectations, and I am excited to go back to all of the handouts and worksheets, which really made this program shine. I have already recommended this program to others, it should not be kept a secret!" ~ J.B.

The main strengths of this course are its strong, comprehensive curriculum, and the experienced and diverse faculty. Students will be given a full box of teaching tools and information on how, when, and why to use them. Yoga For Your Life is taught by seasoned, professional teachers, some of whom have been teaching in training programs for years. They come from many different backgrounds, and bring their experience and knowledge together in this thorough program.

"The course was extremely well-organized and thought out. I especially appreciated the course's sequencing - I got just what I needed to learn, just as I was prepared to learn it. The program FAR exceeded my expectations, needs, dreams, and ideas. It gave me tools I never even imagined. And at last! A spiritually-centered home for Yoga! The warmth, energy, and comfort of the space and superb props influenced everything. Thank you!" ~Y.P.

"Kim and all of the guest lecturers were excellent. Very knowlegable, enthusiastic, strong examples. The facility was terrific, and this program met way more than my expectations." ~S.K.C.

“I took my very first yoga class with Kim at IUSB and I was hooked. Her aura as well as her knowledge of Yoga made me feel very welcome and like I was meant to be there all along. Shortly after I decided to take the 200 RYT training because I loved her classes so much. In the training her teaching was very comprehensive but laid back. It wasn't like being in school, but rather having a conversation with a friend about a mutual interest, Yoga. Her teaching style is very warm and casual which made the atmosphere comfortable. I have enjoyed all of my time spent in Yoga classes and training with Kim and would be excited to take any classes she has to offer. I loved training with Kim and I would do it all over again.” ~ E.O.

It is important to practice mindfully, so that we notice the effect each pose or technique has on us. We do things for how they make us feel, but in our fast-paced lives we don’t always take the time to notice what is really happening. Learning to watch ourselves and to learn and grow from what we see comes from abhyasa, or consistent practice, and at Yoga For Your Life you will learn the necessary skills to keep your own and your student’s practice moving forward.
You’ll learn how to really look at your students, what to watch for and how to assist them with props, modifications, a touch, or a word. You’ll learn to adapt and modify poses so that others coming into your classes will feel safe and confident in your teaching.

"All of the teachers were always well-prepared for each class, and I loved the pace in which the information was delivered. The Yoga room was beautiful with plenty of props for everyone to get set up in restorative poses etc, which was extremely beneficial and appreciated. Overall, I feel confident and excited to start teaching. There is so much to learn, but we received a great foundation, thank you!" ~ A.S.

“I began training for Yoga Alliance Certification with the goal of teaching this life-long movement discipline. In the process I gained so much more. Personal awareness and recognition of the beauty of the body as an instrument not only of movement but also as a means to spirituality and greater connection with inner peace was an unexpected, powerful outcome for my type A lifestyle. I was led through this journey by Kim Sellers who impressed me with her skills but more so with her understanding and ability to live and share the deep concepts and practices of a true Yogini.” ~ J. J.

"Of all the wise decisions I've made in my adult
life, studying to become a yoga teacher with Kim Sellers easily ranks among the
wisest. Kim is an example of the best that a yoga teacher can
offer. She has a true commitment to living the values and philosophy of
Yoga and inspires the same in her students. As a person she is expressive
and kind, and in class she creates a learning environment that comfortably
invites each student to share and ask questions, and to explore the practice
and discipline of Yoga with an open mind. Her classes are light and fun
and I looked forward to each time she would share her stories, her vast
technical knowledge and her teaching experiences with us. In her Yoga for
Your Life teacher trainer program, she has selectively assembled a faculty of
Yoga teachers and presenters who possess a deep understanding and commitment to
Yoga with a genuine interest in producing exceptional Yoga teachers. My
teacher training experience has been one of the most personally enriching and
rewarding experiences to date." ~ J.S.

To be an effective teacher, it is necessary to have your own practice. You need to know how something feels before teaching it to someone else. The Yoga For Your Life program will prepare you to teach others, and it will give you the space to practice svadyaya, or self-study, as your own practice grows and deepens.

"The faculty each brings something different to the program, and is a truly stellar group of dedicated, caring, & supportive teachers... the depth of knowledge, experience, & the energy with which the teachings were delivered was amazing!  This training far exceeded all my expectations.  The Sacred Waters Yoga Studio is a sanctuary of peace and safety, providing all the props, light, and good vibes to foster success on the YTT 200."  ~ A.G. 

Teachers also need to be able to really see and relate to a diverse group of students, and so in this Yoga teacher-training a strong emphasis is placed on anatomy, alignment, and use of props so that Yoga is safe and accessible to everyone. For each pose we also give a clear understanding of benefits, contraindications, cautions, modifications, assists, and effective teaching language.

"Jamie Robinson is truly an amazing Yoga teacher. He connects with students on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, making every student feel at home in his class. Jamie makes every practice an adventure and a journey. He seems to intuitively know what every student "needs" on any given day. Jamie guides his students with clear and concise verbal direction, great hands on adjustments and a wonderful sense of humor. I have been fortunate enough to practice with some of the "big" Yoga teachers in the US, teachers such as: Aadil, Tias Little, Sarah Powers and David Swenson and I believe Jamie is as smart, talented and kind as any of these teachers.” ~S.V.

"Fantastic text selection, also I really love the handouts and other printed materials - these will be a resource for years to come. The faculty was very knowledgable, always prepared, and had great teaching skills. Terrific job of pulling faculty from all areas of Yoga. I would definitely highly recommend this course to others." ~ R.L.

The roots of the word "educate" mean to be present for the birth of something, and the group support and energy that develops and builds as one goes through the training allows each student to really open, to blossom. Being mentored gives one the space to learn, to experiment, to imagine, and to succeed.

"Kim has been a true inspiration in my life. I began my yoga path with Kim over 10 yrs ago and cannot say enough about her as a teacher. Her love and knowledge of yoga shines through in every class she teaches. Kim educates her students on yoga, while taking you through a wonderful practice all while including a bit of humor making each class so much fun. I enjoyed Kim's classes so much I decided to become a yoga teacher myself with Kim guiding my way once again. I can only hope to one day touch as many lives in such a positive way as Kim has to so many people." ~ C.D. RYT200

Yoga truly is one of the liberation teachings, as it gives us the freedom and awareness to live a conscious life, and make decisions not based on habit and unconscious tendancies, but from a deeper place. We experience Self-realization through self-study, and learn to discriminate between what is good and what is merely pleasant, as taught in the Katha Upanishad : "By choosing the Self, does one win the Self."